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School Life

School Life

The International French School offers teaching in accordance with French national programs providing additional English and Slovenian lessons. In connection with the programs, outings are regularly organized to visit museums, watch shows, films …

Discovery classes are also planned during the year for children from 4 to 15 years to discover and experience different regions of Slovenia, new activities and share unforgettable moments!

The French school is also:

  • Different clubs that allow children to develop their sensibilities in arts, sport ….
  • A daycare that offers a friendly moment after school time and during the holidays, where children from all ages play and create together.
  • A summer camp at the beginning of the summer holidays that allows children to develop their independence, adapt to different environments and empower their social skills.
  • Festive moments to reunite families throughout the year such as the Christmas show, the “galette des rois”, the bazaar, parents’ coffee, hikings, evening programs and other cultural events …

Latest News


Second age group: 3 – 6 years The programme is taught in French, with integrated lessons in Slovenian and English. Children can be enrolled throughout the year and do not need any prior knowledge of French. Our kindergarten is attended by children from Slovenian, French 


Age group 1 (11 months – 3 years) General goals: The education of a pre-school child is successful when parents and kindergarten work well together, help each other and share the same goal – to teach the child to be independent in eating, dressing and 

Open days 2023 – Dnevi odprtih vrat 2023

[See below for the English version] Spoštovani starši,  v mesecu marcu na Francoski šoli v Ljubljani organiziramo dneve odprtih vrat za starše in otroke, ki bi se želeli vpisati v francoski vrtec ali šolo. 22. marca bomo pripravili dan odprtih vrat v vrtcu, kamor vpisujemo 

Vrtec – druga starostna skupina

Druga starostna skupina: 3 – 6 let Program poteka v francoščini, integrirane so tudi ure slovenščine in angleščine. Otroke vpisujemo tekom celega leta in brez predznanja francoščine. Naš vrtec obiskujejo otroci iz slovenskih, francoskih in dvojezičnih družin ter otroci tujcev, ki so začasno nastanjeni v 

Vrtec – prva starostna skupina

Prva starostna skupina (11 mesecev – 3 let) Splošni cilji: Vzgoja predšolskega otroka je uspešna takrat, ko starši in vrtec dobro sodelujemo, si pomagamo in sledimo istemu cilju – otroka naučiti samostojnosti pri prehranjevanju, oblačenju in higieni, odgovornosti, sprejemanja pravil in pozitivnih vrednot, ki veljajo 

Vpis v vrtec

Zakaj se odločiti za vpis otroka v Francoski vrtec?  Odločitev, v kateri vrtec in šolo vpisati svojega otroka, je za starše zelo pomembna in odigra ključno vlogo pri razvoju otroka. Tega se zavedamo tudi v Francoskem vrtcu v Ljubljani. Z vpisom otroka v francoski izobraževalni 

Open Day at French International Scool

The French International School is organizing Open Day event which will be held on: March 2 at 15h March 8 at 15h on Zoom March 16 at 15h March 24 at 15 on Zoom Register here for one of the events and join us live 

Semaine des lycées français du monde

SEMAINE DES LYCÉES FRANÇAIS DU MONDE From 30 November to 5 December, AEFE is organising a 4th edition of World French High School Week with the main topic: Citizens, all equal and united: French education facing challenges of tomorrow. This year’s event will be fully 

Choose French «maternelle» International Preschool

Opting for a French school is making the choice of a humanist education for your child, faithful to the values of liberty, equality, and fraternity of the French Republic, and promoting cultural and linguistic diversity. Enrolling your child in a French school from “maternelle” onward 

Coronavirus – School update

On March 12, Slovenian authorities has declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic and decided to close all educational establishments across the entire country from Monday, March 16. The EFL consequently closed for an indefinite period of time. Our teaching team has developed a distance learning plan for continuity of