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Mission and Values

Mission and values

Our primary mission is to provide and promote excellence in education by enabling all students to succeed and progress.

We also strive to develop the critical spirit, curiosity and autonomy of our students in order to best prepare them for the challenges of today’s world and the world of tomorrow.


The education methodology is based on the following values:

Mutual Respect
Refusal of all Discrimination
Dialogue between Cultures

Pupils study the great texts that define these values.

All adults who intervene with pupils in the performance of their duties need to share these values.

The values of the French Republic

The values ​​of the French Republic underlie all disciplines, each giving them meaning in its field of knowledge. Civic education, from primary school to high school, allows the practice of dialogue, solidarity and shows the need for knowledge to overcome prejudices and develops autonomy.

The values of the French Republic and school life

The School is a place of collective life where the values ​​of the French Republic are learned. It is for the student to know, to appropriate and to respect the common rules.

The internal regulation of the French School of Ljubljana define the rights and duties of the pupils.

The values of the French Republic and educational activities

Educational initiatives are an opportunity to unite students around an event or a project. They are a way to encourage students’ autonomy and initiative as well as a way to value their commitment. Teamwork is widespread in the world of work. It is important to raise awareness of it between students.

Secularism at school

The principle of secularism guarantees freedom of conscience and protects the freedom to believe, not to believe and to change belief.

Secular teaching of religious facts is part of the common foundation of knowledge, skills and culture. It describes and analyzes religious facts as elements of understanding our cultural heritage and the contemporary world, through disciplines such as history, literature, art history, music education, visual arts or philosophy.

Gender equality

The equality of girls and boys is the first dimension of equal opportunities that the School must guarantee to their students: it is a legal obligation and a fundamental mission.

Human rights education and the fight against discriminatory practices

The school must prepare each student for his/her life as a citizen. Human rights education in general and the rights of the child in particular are an integral part of the curriculum. It is the foundation of the fight against intolerance, racism and antisemitism.

Discriminatory behavior goes against the principle of equality and undermines the dignity of the person. The prevention of discrimination is a priority objective of education.