The middle school consists of two cycles and includes four levels of classes:

  • the end of Cycle 3 in the 6th
  • Cycle 4 in 5th, 4th and 3rd

In the continuity of the Elementary School, the training provided at the College is based on a set of lessons that all have a role to play in the acquisition of knowledge and skills of the Common Core and in their evaluation. Artistic, cultural and sporting practices, educational activities, the discovery of trades and training also contribute.

The student who enters the College discovers the different aspects: a new teaching: the CNED (National Center for Distance Learning). Students receive their lessons through this French-recognized educational center and they are accompanied by tutors to take courses in the French national education program in the school premises. It is therefore well supervised that students acquire different working methods. The priority is to ensure a relationship of trust between the College, the student and his parents to help him identify and accompany him in his schooling. The College is a place of training for the individual and the future citizen. For that, a large place is made to the education to the responsibility, as well as to the necessary respect of the people, the rules and the framework of life.