Second age group: 3 – 6 years

The programme is taught in French, with integrated lessons in Slovenian and English. Children can be enrolled throughout the year and do not need any prior knowledge of French. Our kindergarten is attended by children from Slovenian, French and bilingual families, as well as children of foreigners temporarily staying in Slovenia.

The teaching programme includes not only learning the French language but also learning about French culture, holidays and cuisine. A wide range of French books is available for children to borrow from our school library.

A typical day in a kindergarten: 

  • Pedagogical activities: 8.00-9.30
  • Morning snack and outdoor play: 9.30-10.30
  • Pedagogical activities: 10.30-12.00
  • Lunch and outdoor play: 12.00 – 13.00
  • Pedagogical activities: 13.00-15.00
  • Afternoon snack: 15.00-15.15

After 15.15 – Afternoon daycare, organised kindergarten activities (outdoor exercise, art activities, music lessons, dance, free play, group activities).

General goals:

  • The school operates within the French system of early childhood education (école maternelle), which prepares children for school, instils in them a desire to learn and progress, and helps them to grow as individuals.
  • A child-friendly school that creates a stimulating environment where children learn new skills alongside their peers and learn to live in a community.
  • In the pre-school years, children learn to be independent, express themselves and develop their creativity. They become familiar with letters, numbers and other areas of learning.
  • Learning takes place through play, handling different objects, problem-solving, exploring and discovering new concepts and environments.

Pedagogical activities:

In the preschool period, teaching activities are divided into 5 areas:

  • language activities (learning French, discovering letters and sounds, discovering works of literature),
  • mathematics (learning about numbers, geometric figures, size, and orientation in space),
  • physical activities (sports games, dance, yoga, ball games, polygons),
  • arts (art, music, performing arts),
  • learning about the world (learning about plants, animals and the environment in which we live, discovering different objects, materials and tools).

School in nature (classe de découverte)

Every year, we organise a nature school (3 days with 2 nights) for children from the age of 4, where they get to know their new environment (farm, hills, forest), learn to be independent and, above all, have a lot of fun.

 Our timetable:

The kindergarten is open every day from 8.00 to 15.00, with morning care from 7.30 to 8.00 and afternoon care with extra-curricular activities from 15.00 to 17.00. The group is accompanied in its educational activities by two professionally trained French-speaking workers.

The kindergarten follows the French teaching calendar and is divided into 6 to 7-week periods of teaching activities followed by two weeks of holidays. The calendar for this school year can be found here.