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Our Facilities

Our Facilities


Our library is supervised by a parents representative, which welcomes students, manage loans and book returns, organize and store collections, introduce children to new books, new stories. Records and recovers the new books and also offers different workshops to teachers on themes chosen together (water, Africa, the book, the contest of the Francophonie, animation of a carpet-reading …).

We thank Aline for her work in the Library. She is currently working on a informatization of the whole fund: this will allow the creation of a new website for the library. This site will be available online, parents and children can discover the riches of our library and they can also connect to find out what books are borrowed by their children.

School gym

At  the french school of Ljubljana we have really complete sport facilities with access to 2 gymnasiums

Big gymnasium:

In this multisport space we can practice a lot of team sports: basketball, volleyball, handball, soccer and hockey.

We can also practice racket sports: Badminton, ping-pong, and plenty of traditional games.)

Little gymnasium:

This space is equipped with a lot of equipment for gymnastics, judo or high jumping.

For the little ones we can also do dance, yoga or polygone (motor skills course).


The French school of Ljubljana has several areas for relaxation:

  • A space for the little ones covered with rubber ensuring the safety of our youngest students. There, tricycles, scooters, toboggan and sandbox are at their disposal.
  • A play area in the Livada School Park. There, swings, slide and climbing games are available to promote motor skills.
  • The school is also equipped with a space where the older children can indulge in the joys of football and basketball.