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Admission Regulation

The International French School of Ljubljana accepts children from 1 to 18 years old from all nationalities.



The documents you need to enroll:

  • Birth certificate  of the child (or equivalent document for children of other nationalities)
  • Photocopy of ID or passport of parents or legal representative of the child
  • Vaccination certificate

In the case of previous registration in another school:

  • Certificate of cancellation issued by the previous school
  • School report


Arrival during the year
Admission during the school year is possible (Restriction for TPS admissions that can only be done until December 31 for pedagogical reasons). In this case the calculation of school fees are calculated depending on the presence of the student (all months are due in full). Other mandatory fees are payable in full.

Leaving during the school year
In the event of early departure during the year, one month notice (except in the case of force majeure)is required from the families in order to benefit from reimbursement of school fees in proportion to the time of the pupil’s attendance. Any month started is considered due in its entirety. All other costs can not be reimbursed. The request can be made by mail or email and addressed to the secretariat of the institution.

No presentation of the student at the beginning of the school year.
In case of withdrawal of the student before the beginning, a reimbursement of school fees already paid may be made upon written request (mail or email) of the parents. This request must be sent to the school’s secretariat before the start of the school year. All other costs can not be reimbursed.


Payment methods

– once per year: payment due date 29/8/2023, a discount of 4 % is applied

– twice per year: first 50% of the payment due date 29/8/2023, second 50% of the payment due date 31/01/2024

– automatic monthly debit: a discount of 2 % is applied

Other discounts (only on Tuitions Fees)

  • Discount of 4 % is applied for the 2nd siblings
  • Discount of 10 % is applied for the 3rd sibling
  • Discount of 15 % is applied for the 4rd sibling
  • Discount of 20 % is applied for the 5th sibling

Along with invoices for tuition fees, other invoices will be issued to you during the school year. Costs will be related to outings, daycare, photos, school lunch, etc. They will be subject to your decision.

The payment of the invoices is made only by bank transfer to the account of the Parents Association of the School:

Delavska hranilnica d.d. Ljubljana

Miklšičeva cesta 5

1000 Ljubljana

Mednarodna Francoska šola v Ljubljani

IBAN: SI56 6100 0002 7909 866


No payment in cash will be accepted.

Under ZDDV-1, Article 42, paragraph 8, tuition fees are not subject to VAT.

If you need to adapt the payment scheme, according to your own financial configuration, you can contact the APE management committee by email:

Late Payment

In the event of late payment, the school may charge default interest in accordance with the ZPOMZO-1 Slovenian Law. This late payment interest shall begin to apply on the day following the payment deadline. The penalty will be calculated via the official application of the Supreme Court of Slovenia available on the internet (

In the event of non-payment (total or partial) of one of the tuition fees agreed upon in the contract between the Parents and the School, the latter will not be able to register the Student for the following school year.

If you wish to proceed with enrollment, write us at:

Documents for the registration to the EFIL: